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Pastries | Patisserie Parmentier - Novi, MI

A sweet table of pastries at the center of the room will draw your guests in, pulling them through a maze of tables just to get a glimpse of what is in store for the night ahead. Assorted pastries that may include miniature tarts, cream puffs, dessert shots or brownies are just a sampling of these desserts. Adorn the table with a strawberry topiary ball or a cream puff tree. Whatever the event, be it a tea party, a black and white formal affair, or a rustic outdoor event, your pastries will be specifically designed to coordinate with your theme. You may choose to pick up your desserts or Patisserie Parmentier can deliver your sweets to your venue and create an amazing display.

There is something about square, chocolate pastry that holds the observer captive until such pastry has been obtained and eaten. The trick is to do it without licking fingers, hoarding and so on. Try to remember that there are other people present who can discuss this event later, in depth.

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